eW® Cove MX Powercore

Lighting (DS), LED Products, Lead Time — 10 Days or Less


  • eW® Cove MX Powercore

  • High Quality LED Product, Superior Light Output, Wide Beam Angle, and a Range of Color Temperatures, Makes This 1' Fixture Ideal for Accent Lighting and Indirect General Illumination, as Well as the Full Range of Wall and Ceiling Cove Applications
  • eW Cove MX Powercore Meets or Exceeds the Performance of Comparable Linear Fluorescent Strip Cove Lights
  • Maximum Light Output — Delivers White or Colored Light at up to 632 Lumens Per Foot
  • Integrates Patented Powercore® Technology — Powercore Rapidly, Efficiently, and Accurately Controls Power Output to Fixtures Directly from Line Voltage, Eliminating the Need for External Power Supplies and Allowing Product Runs of 200 ft. (61 m) or More
  • Support for Multiple Voltages - Accepts Power Input of 100, 120, or 220 - 240, or 277 VAC for Consistent Installation and Operation from Line Voltage in a Variety of Locations
  • Dimming Capability — Patented DIMand™ Technology Offers Smooth Dimming Capability with Many Two- and Three-Wire ELV Dimmers